Sending NXT to Binance

Hi, I have just found an old wallet I have for NXT. How can I send this NXT to Binance? A lot of features seem to be disabled as I can't get out of the remote node. Apologies if this is simple but I'm struggling - thanks in advance for any help.

if you are using the online wallet at, then have in mind that, for security reasons, it has the outgoing transactions disabled (i.e. it's a read-only wallet), as announced in the landing page there.

To make outgoing transactions you can download and install the official nxt wallet to your local device and log in there using the same account number and/or passphrase to make transactions Nxt Downloads | Jelurida

And by the way, NXT is not listed on Binance AFAIK.

Hi Jose, thank you for your response. That explains why I can't transfer it out from the online wallet; whenever i try to download the official wallet to my macbook pro, i get the messgae that the file is damaged - anyone else had this issue? Tried for nearly a week now

Try this. This is for Ardor client, but you can also use same instruction for NXT client