How to install Ardor on Mac OS for beginner

Since many MacOS beginners ask for help in installing Ardor client,

I would like to show how to guide with screenshots.

  1. After downloading the Installer(dmg file) for MacOS from the Jelurida Website, run it, then this window will pop up.

  2. If you drag the "Ardor icon" to "Applications" folder, installer app( will be copied on applications.

But when you run this installation app(, it will show a message “This installer is damaged and should be moved to the trashcan”.

  • Reason(As far as I know) : Due to Apple's security policy on MacOS, this problem occurs when an application is downloaded directly from a developer rather than the App Store.
    Until Mac OS Sierra version, there was a toggle key in the security settings menu. But now only "xattr" command on "Terminal" can solve this.
  1. Execute Terminal
    "Go" -> "Utilities" -> Execute "Terminal"

  2. Enter this command

sudo xattr -c /Applications/

  1. Enter the password of your Mac

If it succeeded, the result is as follows

  • If you meet "No such file" message, you should find the path of
    On the finder, if you click the installation file and right-click on under bar, you can copy the exact path of the folder.

sudo xattr -c /Applications/

Replace "/Applications" to the path and retry

  1. Execute
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