Sending IGNIS issue

I sent IGNIS to Changelly and it was never received by them to do the swap. Here is the transaction Ardor Blockchain Explorer
Any ideas why it hasn’t showed up?

The link is not working. Could you please provide the transaction full hash?

Here is the full hash


I can follow your link but there is no transaction. I tried searching different block explorers and nothing came up with your transaction hash. @sergi can probably search deeper into it.

I saw someone asking if was official earlier. It is mentioned here

I hope there is not someone nefarious at play. Can someone authenticate the above mentioned website...

Oops I deleted rather than edit to correct grammar.

I looked up the domain registration details and it says REDACTED FOR PRIVACY

That doesn't mean it's bad but it doesn't appear to be Jelurida

I hope it's not something bad happening.

This is a valid transaction:

    "signature": "90ae94b73adfe7e869bca67c02e6d2fc5945f0400f57255e38168bea1c590f0e659798db46e8faae1900135c3af4dd63428aff270fd7137d4105c8ea780b3591",
    "transactionIndex": 1,
    "type": 0,
    "fxtTransaction": "9868784385314333802",
    "phased": false,
    "ecBlockId": "2264241179859389954",
    "signatureHash": "0eb58b94d96d95d18cf22dd8d5dc05ead0aa5e60c9ee38c58b7f764f4ad3d275",
    "attachment": {
        "version.OrdinaryPayment": 0
    "senderRS": "ARDOR-QKAY-ZHJ4-EMCE-33DBX",
    "subtype": 0,
    "amountNQT": "18680000000",
    "recipientRS": "ARDOR-9XJL-CTHF-Z4CC-G26TF",
    "block": "4339449434354967089",
    "blockTimestamp": 102910599,
    "deadline": 15,
    "timestamp": 102910505,
    "height": 1737210,
    "senderPublicKey": "bb376eabbd079097a354f49e275fc201b2676c874c1f8b1b9099143ba89c004f",
    "chain": 2,
    "feeNQT": "2000000",
    "requestProcessingTime": 4,
    "confirmations": 1675,
    "fullHash": "57dd2c99befab400df6a6f793658a81ea9105c49a3b16c65f9bb2722319014ac",
    "version": 1,
    "sender": "2208278926720714014",
    "recipient": "16637564031859947026",
    "ecBlockHeight": 1453500

But as far as I remember the exchanges integration require a message to identify the transaction, and there's none. I suggest you contact Changelly support.

I can confirm, the message is missing and Changelly clearly states that deposits without a message will be lost.

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Ok, Thank you for this clarification. I did speak with Changelly and they are able to get it corrected. Thankful this screw up didn't cost me. Thanks again for the help everyone.


I have heard about this issue with changelly but I think another coin. Read they can change it but it's work for them, so costs them money to retrieve. That's nice of them to do it for you