wallet.ardor.tools <-- Is this an authentic website?

Hi all,

(1) ARDOR/IGNIS funds move

I am going to move my IGNIS to an exchange wallet, but not sure what would be the most efficient way.

I tried installing the Ardor desktop wallet from Ardor Downloads | Jelurida, but it seems to be buggy to use. For more than 12 hrs, the desktop wallet kept "loading resources."

As an alternative, I have found the website https://wallet.ardor.tools. Can I transfer my fund at this website?

Is there other authentic, easy, and safe to transfer IGNIS/ARDORs?

(2) Mining IGNIS

Can I mine IGNIS using my computer? If so, how and what is the APY as of today?

Thanks in advance.

(1) Jelurida can only advise you about the official wallet which we develop (Ardor Downloads | Jelurida). Could you provide more details about the "loading resources" problem? Probably it's something simple to figure out. Please send a screenshot and logs - see Ardor Frequently Asked Questions

(2) IGNIS is fully pre-mined

It's not really minting but you could set up a node and I believe their is a reward. Someone could confirm that

(1) After successfully installing the desk-top wallet, the wallet seems to be infinitely loading, during which it indicates the message "loading resources" when I move my cursor on the small icon at right lower corner on the Windows tool bar.

I am a little surprised that nobody here knows whether the website (https://wallet.ardor.tools/) that provides 'funds transfer" service under the name of "ardor" is really authentic or not. So nobody at Jelruida recognizes this website, which means that it it probably a phishing site?

Then why is Jelruida not taking any action against this website?

ardor.tools is developed by respected and long-term member of the community. But you are asking about authentic and safe wallet and since no software is 100% safe, my answer is that I can only comment about the official wallet which we develop.

About the "Loading Resources" problem, I cannot be sure without the logs, but probably you closed the application before it managed to initialize its database (first time the wallet is started, it needs few minutes to initialize it). If you don't want to send logs, try to delete the corrupted DB from C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\ardor\nxt_db and start again.

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@ petko,

I was far from offending you. Anyhow if I did so in any manner, I am sorry.

As for the wallet, I tested both versions (Official and non-official Lite versions) of ARDOR clients on my two different laptops, and they do not seem to be working for me.

As for the website, I am grateful for the information you gave me. Of course I fully understand there is no such thing 100% security--I just wanted to get the least info regarding the website: who made and is operating it, etc.

No worries, I don't feel offended at all :slight_smile:

Weird that our wallet doesn't work on two different laptops. I'll check with QA if they can reproduce the problem on windows

Hello, Imsi,

I'm Stefan, working for Jelurida as QA.

Before taking any further steps, can you please share if you downloaded the Blockchain database from the Jelurida website (Ardor Downloads | Jelurida), or you left the client to download it?

Also did you install the desktop client for the first time on the laptop?

You can put in the explorer %appdata% for a quick access too

I downloaded the windows installer about a month ago on a new laptop with 4mps internet speed and I was surprised at how fast everything downloaded, it worked fast for me. I didn't download the blockchain database.

Have you tried checking for malware on your system, and make sure your java is up to date (it should upgrade your java automatically if not the latest version)

If it is not on the jelurida page it wouldn't be official, so use at own risk (best not to) that doesnt mean it's a scam, as made by respected member of community, but Jelurida will not be checking the code as not theirs. As you know about crypto, anything that does not have a real person attached has very high risk so better not to use if you have alternatives.

Good luck with solving your issue