Please,, need help bout NXT

In December 2017 I made an account at NXT wallet (the account is NXT-3P2D-LT22-9EEZ-8GMM and there is a passphrase) this is because to get Ignis at that time if the NXT balance is stored, then I send the NXT balance from my marketplace (with an account / address NXT-8PMW-RW5T-NCRX-FBS4E, this does not have a passphrase because it automatically gets from the marketplace). But after getting the Ignis (I have never sent / moved it from NXT wallet), I had difficulty returning the balance in my NXT wallet to my NXT marketplace, so I never opened it again until 2021. After I checked , the NXT balance in my NXT wallet account is 0, but there is a Receive / Send balance transaction to my NXT marketplace address. I clicked, and there was an NXT balance (at NXT-8PMW-RW5T-NCRX-FBS4E which I opened via NXT wallet), but when on my marketplace account, I never received the NXT balance (including the previous NXT balance that I sent right), when I tried to send the NXT balance from the NXT wallet to the NXT in my marketplace, it was when I had to enter my passphrase , because in my marketplace there was no passphrase for my NXT address, while in NXT wallet it also couldn't because it was not an address / that NXT account that I created..

My question is, how can I transfer my NXT balance in my NXT wallet to my NXT marketplace, because there is no passphrase for the NXT address / account ... Thank you very much in advance..

I can send a screenshot of my NXT address on my marketplace as well as my NXT account in the NXT wallet if necessary

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