Please, need help.. Urgent

In December 2017 I made an account at NXT wallet (the account is NXT-3P2D-LT22-9EEZ-8GMM and there is a passphrase) this is because to get Ignis at that time if the NXT balance is stored, then I send the NXT balance from my marketplace (with an account / address NXT-8PMW-RW5T-NCRX-FBS4E, this does not have a passphrase because it automatically gets from the marketplace). But after getting the Ignis (I have never sent / moved it from NXT wallet), I had difficulty returning the balance in my NXT wallet to my NXT marketplace, so I never opened it again until 2021. After I checked , the NXT balance in my NXT wallet account is 0, but there is a Receive / Send balance transaction to my NXT marketplace address. I clicked, and there was an NXT balance (at NXT-8PMW-RW5T-NCRX-FBS4E which I opened via NXT wallet), but when on my marketplace account, I never received the NXT balance (including the previous NXT balance that I sent right), when I tried to send the NXT balance from the NXT wallet to the NXT in my marketplace, it was when I had to enter my passphrase , because in my marketplace there was no passphrase for my NXT address, while in NXT wallet it also couldn't because it was not an address / that NXT account that I created..

My question is, how can I transfer my NXT balance in my NXT wallet to my NXT marketplace, because there is no passphrase for the NXT address / account ... Thank you very much in advance..

I can send a screenshot of my NXT address on my marketplace as well as my NXT account in the NXT wallet if necessary

This is my NXT balance in NXT wallet using my NXT marketplace account / address

This is my NXT address in my marketplace

This is my account in NXT wallet,

This is a transfer of NXT balance to the NXT address in my marketplace, but it never goes to my marketplace

This is my transaction history that it is true that there has been a transfer of NXT balance from my marketplace to NXT wallet

Hi InaKaTa and welcome,

took a look at your NXT account and I can confirm you made an outgoing transaction of 379 NXT to your Indodax account.

I'm afraid you didn't include the transaction message, as requested here (in red):

It says: "You should enter the message when making a transfer. If the message is not included the deposit will fail (this is a mainnet address)"

As you can see from your NXT account, there is no message in that transaction.

I'm afraid your tokens are lost in the Indodax NXT account. You could try to contact Indodax support and explain the situation but I'm not sure they will help as it's a small amount (~$15).

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As a side note, you still have 190 IGNIS (~$30) in your Ardor account.

You can download the official Ardor client from here (also download the blockchain database separately, for faster sync):

and login with your NXT credentials (same passphrase as your NXT account).

Please don't forget to add the message the Exchange gives you when sending out tokens.

It looks like the blockchain is still downloading in your client so balances won't be correct until it finishes

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Oke Timmy..Big Thanks for ur answer, it's helping me so much..

Oke Rafael.. Thank you so much..

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No worries. Good luck with retrieving your funds.