Please may I request the source for the Android full node (NXT)

I see that of course the full node for android is already compiled.
i pray that I do not have to reverse engineer it (it goes against my principles),
but rather may I ask to obtain the source along with the android "wrapper" - and also if you used Android Studio, what version did you use? The last time I tried to recompile my language app I had major problems because some library dependencies were deprecated in the new Android Studio, and I never bothered recompiling as I cannot afford marketing it (it is aimed for the Chinese market. Chinese trademark and software copyright certificates are not expensive but publishing to a spread of 20 appstores via the online international app publisher present there,, is prohibitively expensive for me, a Universisty student - and to think I coded that Beginner English language app alone for almost three years...

I hope you may be able to help me by offering the source for the .apk? And what Studio version you used? I am not sure how bad this is to ask... I hope you can help in providing the source for the android full node .apk, + how you compiled it (i.e. what Android Studio version because I specifically had huge problems in recompiling my webapp in Android (it was written in HTML, CSS and Javascript and compiled with an android wrapper in Android studio), to save me some time. My apologies for this request

My goal is indeed to create my own blockchain independent of Ardor and Nxt, and would want users to run full nodes on their phones as an important optional aspect of the ecosystem... this could be a great additional service for company intranets also possibly, i.e. a seure company messaging app to avoid industrial espionage (I know it sounds far fetched, but if you realise what is happening in China you will realise it is not).

I feel like I am ordering a meal at a restaurant without paying - yet.

But please could you assist with the apk source and give some contextual information on how it was compiled (what Studio versions, etc.) because reverse engineering is morally offensive to me. Thank you.

Sorry but no. The Android full node is released under the Jelurida Closed Source license:, which also does not allow decompiling, reverse engineering, or using the software with other blockchains, see Article 3.

Hi, thank you for your reply, I just noticed a few secons before I noticed your reply as I was going through the documentation that it is closed source.

Should I email jelurida to talk about licensing options? I would like to come to some type of agreement to use it, I read it is closed source, my apologies. And yes, I am glad that I have my morals in tact :slight_smile: Would some type of licensing agreement be possible to use it with another blockchain?

Because, I would like to address the problem my blockchain would face insomuch as I want users to secure it with their android nodes. How can this be addressed without violating any Jelurida terms?

The reason the full node software is closed source is exactly because we don't want clones to have it. I don't see a way to license this to clone projects. If you need full node on android, you would have to hire developers to create an independent implementation from scratch, not copying ours, and being a derivative of a JPL work the source of such implementation would still have to be released, under the JPL.

Tomislav, I have another question.
If I create a "clone". However what do you think the term clone implies.
For example, the combustion engine was created long ago. So are all cars using this type of engine considered "clones"? I am not trying to be offensive, it is an ideological question.

However my real question is, would it be possible to hire devs from Jelurida to help me implement full android nodes for my independent blockchain, based on the NXT codebase? I would of course pay for the service. I would also want to again have such assistance, so I am not sure if the code can be purchased with a use license, or if you are to be directly hired for specific projects following similar 'patterns' (use of full android nodes)? Also, I have given the NXT whitepaper and some documents of Jelurida a perfunctory reading due to time constraints, but if you could explain to me "again" how such nodes protect the network or increase security, I would much appreciate it. Also I want to know if there is any consideration, like ADA (Cardano), for being resistant to quantum computing, from Jelurida?

Cardano Foundation Publishes Research on Quantum Computing.