is it possible to automate multiple transactions in 1?

If one has 100 adddresses and wish to send all of them 9 million,
I am not sure if there is such a function were a database of addresses and
their required value can be specified in a json file and fed to the server in order to disburse the funds with one command...

I am not sure in which documentation to look, and where, though. sorry to waste your time.

The wallet does not provide such feature but you should be able to easily write a script using the API to do so.

Sergi could you possibly give an example script? I honestly do not understand how to go about this. It would be very edifying (help me learn something) - if you could write such a script for NXT itself, as it may be a useful feature. However it is somewhat difficult for me, although you say it is easy, if you could explain your example if you made one, it would be very helpful.

Another question is if it would be possible to hire Jelurida devs at a later stage (Oct. / Nov. ) to create a full android node client for our NXT based blockchain?

As long as you understand the API it's quite easy to use it. The details would depend on the specific language chosen. Please give it a try and if you encounter some specific problem we might help with it.

The second question was answered already: Please may I request the source for the Android full node (NXT)