Why do you propose a new currency on ARdor, not NXT clone?

Two months ago I was intending on making my own Crypto with the NXT blockchain generator. However was advised that I should rather build a currency on Ardor?
Why is the case? Is it easier? Will you have political authority to silence, in the style of cancel culture, my currency if you don't like it on your parent chain?

I would prefer to make both a NXT clone but also work on Ardor so that I can experience the difference for myself. Your advice about what I will experience would be very cool t.y. sergio.

Child chain or asset on Ardor have some benefits versus Nxt clone:

  1. Ardor network is already functional.
  2. Your token can be traded for other tokens on our DEX.
  3. Better scalability than Nxt.

Both ways are viable. You must choose what fits your needs best.

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