Why do you propose a new currency on ARdor, not NXT clone?

Two months ago I was intending on making my own Crypto with the NXT blockchain generator. However was advised that I should rather build a currency on Ardor?
Why is the case? Is it easier? Will you have political authority to silence, in the style of cancel culture, my currency if you don't like it on your parent chain?

I would prefer to make both a NXT clone but also work on Ardor so that I can experience the difference for myself. Your advice about what I will experience would be very cool t.y. sergio.

Child chain or asset on Ardor have some benefits versus Nxt clone:

  1. Ardor network is already functional.
  2. Your token can be traded for other tokens on our DEX.
  3. Better scalability than Nxt.

Both ways are viable. You must choose what fits your needs best.

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Hi thank you. So it is merely a token. However Ardor management would retain the right to simply delete a child-chain if it didn't like the name or any type of ideology behind it? I haven't read the terms of agreement... So indeed it is a token and not a coin. However it would be interesting to learn how to do it - as a learning exercise, as my using NXT blockchain generator was. I am not sure why you are so against someone using NXT clone?

How to get a child chain - check this page Ardor Child Chain Creation | Jelurida

We are not against starting clone of Nxt. Actually we even provide the nxt-clone-starter utility.

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Hi you mention the nxt-clone start utility. Please can you refer me to the correct site. Because I had no problem setting everything up for the clone, but I am not sure what you refer to when you mention the "nxt-clone start utility."

I am sure it is a systematic procedure to get a child chain. My worry is the "techno-political" implications of being subjected to a parent-chain. Can it be deleted when "the gods" vote against it or is it a free ecosystem? That is what blockchain was originally about - decentralization so I'm curious at least ideologically to see if your parent chain holds up to this principal in keeping its "child-chains" free. So you have politicized it, as if I [would] want to create a NAVALNY coin or something (that's a terrible joke, but he was a fool to return to "his" "mother[ }'s{ ]" land).
All politics aside what are the technicalities involved in being subject to your parent chain? That is why NXT "clone" is a good idea and similarly why bitcoin was create, regardless if it is not a clone it is not subject to parent ideology but autonomous, much like many of its clones are subject to its subject and not parent-ideology... At least it is not technically subject to a parent.

I don't mean to be rude its interesting ideologically if that is the case, not to say it isn't terrible, I think Ardor and NXT are both great in what they make accessible without "GAS" (hot air, which in english means bullshit, just like you can call someone a snake)...

But if you can remind me what do you mean "nxt-clone-starter utility" because I might be connected to a different set of open source information, although I did get it up and running (Without altering the prefixes (NXT / BOB, BTC, whatever). Sorry. Just curious. I'm more philosophical but it does bear some implications on the practical level, moreso than communism I think which is not encoded in software...

A currency on Ardor is not a Child-chain necessarily. There are child-chains, assets, and currencies (under Monetary System). Also, Ardor management cannot delete a child-chain. They can write the code to disable one, but its up to the nodes to run that version of the software.
Which also brings me to nodes. Using Ardor, your currency would already be secure by 1000s of nodes with a lot forging. Starting your own NXT clone, you will have to decentralize it from start by getting others to forge and run nodes


Here's the nxt-clone-starter - Bitbucket . It's just a version of Nxt where it is easier to setup the genesis, set the name of the new coin, etc. I thought you are already using it.

About the child chains in Ardor: adding/deleting a child chain means a change in the consensus rules. And similarly to all other blockchains, if there is disagreement between the participants, they will split into two different groups running different versions of the software. So I guess it should be considered a "free ecosystem".

Creating and launching a new child chain is a manual process done by Jelurida. It requires a business agreement between Jelurida and the child chain owner. Once such agreement is in place, we cannot arbitrarily delete the child chain except as provided in the terms of the agreement.

Except for the creation of new child chains, any usage of the Ardor platform, as long as it is in compliance with the JPL license, is not subject to control by Jelurida. The Ignis child chain in particular is fully decentralized and permissionless, we do not have the technical ability to delete or restrict the assets and currencies that users create, or to freeze user funds, and so on. We remain committed to decentralization and will not introduce software changes that would allow us to exercise such control (even if we did, the users running nodes and forging blocks may decide not to upgrade to such new software version).

Furthermore, Jelurida is not a woke company and we do not endorse cancel culture. We believe that free speech is essential for the functioning of the modern society. If we strongly disagree with the ideology of some project that decides to use the Ardor platform, at most we may decide not to provide them with technical support and would make it clear we do not endorse such project, but we would not introduce technical changes to censor them, unless required by law.

So you must charge a fee for as you say the "manual process of creating a child chain done by Jelurida."

I am curious what this entails because for me it seems it may be easier to use the NXT clone independently.

For example on your side if I was to request a child chain. Can you refer to documentation as to what is required from my side in that case? Because with the NXT clone, I understand its a hands on approach and I am in full control, but this child-chain concept has me confused about what the child chain owner (wannabe owner) actually has to do? If you can refer to the correct docs, thank you for clarifying, Tomislav.

To clarify, the options are:
Create a nxt clone (nxt blockchain creation kit)
Create a coin using the monetary system or asset on nxt

Create a child chain (Child Chain creation Jelurida) or (Process explained by Lior Yaffe)
Create a coin using the monetary system or asset on Ignis (main Ardor child chain Asset Exchange)

You could also search the old read only forums for Ardor and Nxt

The article by Lior Yaffe probably answers your question

are the other older libraries not ok I got somrthing from gitrhub too. it seems to be working.

To get a better understanding of the different possibilities, I would always try out what I want on testnet. Ask for a few test tokens and create your own currency on NXT or Ignis, and decide whether you really need to clone NXT for your purpose.