What will happen to the 10% that I give for creating a cryptocurrency?

In order to create your own cryptocurrency based on NXT, you need to give 10% to the platform. I wanted to ask, what will happen to this 10%? Are they freezing? Are they transmitted to anyone?

They are airdropped to the current holders of NXT in the same proportion as their NXT balance.

In other words, current NXT accounts are initialized in the new blockchain with the same private / public key and an initial balance that's proportional to their balance on NXT so all these account's total balance equals 10% of the new blockchain total supply.

are they notified actively of this airdrop?

No, the NXT network cannot know that you are starting a new network using the same source code. According to Article 2.2 of Jelurida Public License, it is your responsibility to announce the airdrop wherever you announce the start of the new network

Hi, thank you. I will do so.