What do exchanges need from my NXT clone blockchain?

What information do exchanges need to list my currency?
The peer port and ip addresses?

Another question I have asked previously is how to change the abbreviation of the currency. I tried using grep haha, but it caused havoc and I had to reinstall everything. I'm asking because if you are able to answer me specifically where the name of the currency can be changed and the initial forging value, it could save me many hours of searching, as I'm not sure if it is only to be changed in one place. It would spare me a lot of trouble. Of course I will share some "merkel shekels MRKL" with you for your help :slight_smile: once I "publish my economy"...

I did previously manage to get my own blockchain going with NXT clone in January, but I am back at University and am inundated. I hope you can give me a little bit of direction, so I don't waste so much of my time as I did during the holidays in January. But, I will try and find it myself, still.

So I suppose its 3 questions, actually.

  1. the info exchanges need: ony peer ports and IP addresses? I'm not sure what I should provide an exchange.
  2. Finding the abbreviation for the currency / blockchain and changing it, along with the initial forging value.
  3. I am curious though, so if I make a webapp for phones, the wallet is still on the 1 online server - it is of course not decentralized, that server, so the webapp in a sense is centralized, but it is a single conduit to a blockchain of nodes. Do phones that connect to this online wallet act as POS nodes when their wallets are open? I am uncertain if I undertstand correctly.

I'm no expert, so maybe someone else could add information.

  1. not sure, but I would assume it depends on each exchange. Someone here may have the experience but you could also search each exchange for documentation.
  2. You can change everything about the coin, however you must own and possess 100% of coin supply to execute. You cannot do it through the client, but use the APIs. A link to this process or a writeup would be very beneficial if someone could help.
    3.There is an Android full node apk at jelurida which looks to be decentralised, but maybe not for iphone. There would also be a web based version, however this one the node is centralised and not run on phone but cloud. The private keys are stored locally though. nxt is java as is Android which makes things easier, so not sure about the difficulties of doing the same on iphone. Are you talking about an iphone version?

Hope this helps. I'm sure others can add to this.

Any information on how to re-issue monetary system currency would be great.

  1. I don't know. Did you ask each exchange?
  2. There's no single place you need to change. I'm afraid you need to search through the source files, understand it and change when needed. I suggest to start small and change only the few places more obvious.
  3. Only full nodes participate in the security of the network. Having any number of web apps or light clients don't make any difference.
  1. I was actually talking about a monetary system coin on Ignis child chain in previous post rather than a nxt clone. Apologies.

Hi thank you Timmy and sergi. I will def. try and use the .APK although if I recall the source is in the clone source from bitbucket for this? I am not sure?

To be honest I am not quite concerned about iPhone, as my previous English Language app for Beginner English learners (TEFL learners from the Far East) was created specifically for Android, and I do know android is more popular in China. interesting company appinchina.co if you are interested in ever publishing there. an officially recognized Chinese trademark can be bought in Hong Kong for only $150. But you also need a software copyright certificate for another $150 and then if it is anything to which children are exposed there is also some safety certificate... But I never managed to publish in China. I'd love to get a few decentralized chains going as I would enjoy being able to create company intranets on NXT if it is possible, that really would be an amazing goal for me to achieve. However I def. want to create a currency to familiarize myself with the context of the NXT blockchain environment... sorry I talk a lot, but the SHIB and PIG Finance gains I'm making are freaking me out bigtime, I'm shocked.

And Sergei I agree. The thing is I would quickly come to understand once I locate that specific area. I can't wait to have time actually to look into it again, University seems so pointless and unproductive.