transaction id

hi i'm looking for a transaction id. I send ignis instead of ardor. poloniex askes me this:
A transaction ID (TX ID) is a particular alphanumeric string associated with a deposit or withdrawal.

For example, here's a link to BTC transaction: Explorer | BTC | ETH | BCH in which 9c95a8fa8a87257c80e8630c49f16e93e526c3d91267eb80e13d7d410979002c is the TX ID.

Can someone help me get this TX ID for a IGNNIS transaction i did?

Open your account on your wallet, or use, and switch to the IGNIS chain. On the dashboard you should see your last transactions including, hopefully, the one to Poloniex. Clicking on the "date/time" field will open a modal with more information, including the transaction id.

@sergi, i found this. but unfortunatly this not what tehy are looking for.

Scroll down on that screen. The data you are looking for is the full hash.

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@sergi, they still need something else. Can you help with that?
We are unable to locate a transaction with the information you provided. Please provide us the link of the transaction you are referring to in the block explore, so we can better look into it.

You can try Ardor Portal and put the full hash on the top right input.

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