This API has been disabled

nxt purse -
I can not send coins, and it writes to me - This API has been disabled,

Please write how to send coins from your wallet

We will need more information.

Which version of the wallet? Are you using your own wallet or some public one like those on Jelurida’s website? What steps are you following to send your coins?

version 1.12.2 - wallet on this site.
I enter all the data and click send.

As explained on the warning on the front page of that page the mainnet wallets published on Jelurida’s website are read-only as a security measure.


You should always use your own wallet for sending transactions on mainnet.

how to withdraw coins from this wallet?

The coins are not in any particular wallet, you have control of them as long as you have the private key or secret phrase for you account.

You need to install your own copy of the wallet, then you will be able to issue transactions.

You will find NXT installers here:


loaded the wallet -,

wallet page does not load- http://localhost:7876/ -

why the page won’t open?