The problem with shuffling

Hello. I have a problem with shuffling.
Started shuffling e56bbf080a64958a5d288156b08b269de5032af819cd6777ac0d99e219e28729.
Specified the private key (from HD wallet

) of the recipient of the new address. After mixing, the coins ended up at an unfamiliar address ARDOR-4E96-KYB9-9MH2-AHUTT.
I did a new mix with a new amount d7b86a0e1d19e2a69bfbd2e5fde9f50a2d6f301ba52f13a71dbcfab8a86f52f0 and again the coins ended up at an unknown address ARDOR-GAB3-9CB8-CE37-FPTVU
What am I doing wrong? Why is the shuffler using an address I don't know?

Hi, you are not doing anything wrong. It's a bug when you use private key in the "Recipient passphrase or private key". The form correctly displays the account ID for the private key you entered, but then when you submit the form, that private key is considered as secret phrase, which calculates to completely different public key/account id. This bug should be fixed in next version. For now what you can do to access the shuffled funds is to login with passphrase "Passphrase:<the private key>" - for example Passphrase:3834e6910b952f2ecffc0c29a22009f653048a86edf651baa47e28c421b9ba45

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Thanks for reporting it!

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Thank you!
Through the API ( getAccountId ) received a secret phrase.