Problems with build installer .exe and .jar


I successfully built the nxt-client-.jar and nxt-client-.exe.

build-installer log ends with this

build-exe ends with this

When I test jar installer on Cygwin, it gives an error Error: Could not find or load main class nxt-client-1.12.2

When I click on the .exe file, it starts an extractor window. The window closes after 100% extraction and then nothing happens further. What should I ideally expect here?

Also, where does the installer install the files on the drive?

Thank you.


I ran .exe file and opened the wallet in a browser. That works fine.

However, I was hoping that the wallet would run as an separate application. Is this the case?

Also, I still haven't figured out where the installer extract the package and if there is any way to change it.

Few points:

  1. You must build the installer using Java 8 (not a higher version of Java)

  2. You need to include two folders in the installer
    jdk.runtime - this is the JDK version packaged with the installation to be used in runtime
    javafx-sdk.runtime - this is the JavaFX sdk included in the installation it will be automatically used to run the desktop wallet once you launch nxt.exe

Sensible choices for this would be the latest OpenJDK version and the latest Java FX SDK from JavaFX - Gluon

Assuming the Java Fx folder is named javafx-sdk-16 rename it to javafx-sdk.runtime and copy it into the root folder of the Nxt project. Same for the Open JDK version.

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Thank you for replying.

I am using openjdk8.

I have copied jdk and javafx folders in the folder where .exe and .jar files are located.

I don't see these folders added as packages in setup.xml which is inside installer folder.

Do I need to alter this code?

The installer copies the jdk folder from the jdk.runtime folder to the jdk folder of the installation and similarly the javafx-sdk folder from the javafx-sdk.runtime folder.

This enables using one version of Java for building the installer and another version of Java (typically the latest) and JavaFX for runtime.

Thank you. I have successfully build .exe and .jar file. I would like to point out that in setup.xml for clone kit, these folders are not included as packs.

Also, if I name these folders javafx-sdk.runtime and jdk.runtime, I have to edit the same in and build-exe.bat.

Now my question is, when I test nt.jar file in cmd with java -jar nxt.jar, it starts in CommandLineMode. How do I start .jar and .exe directly in desktop mode?