Problems running 2 nodes on the server

Hi, I installed node as requested in the documentation. I want to run 2 nodes (1 NXT and 1 Ardor), each with a different user inside the server. At installation time, I saved the files to /usr/local/Ardor and /usr/local/nxt. When I run the command to start node, only one of them boots, the other returns the following error:

Well, there are two different errors on that screenshot.

The first one BindException: Address already in use usually means the listening port is already used. Perhaps during setup or testing you left some dangling process still listening on the same port.

The second one NoClassDefFoundError looks more like an installation issue. Please review your installation steps. Which package did you download and install?

Sharing the full log will also help. You could PM me if you don't want to make it public.

Problem solved.
It was noticed that there were 2 nodes running in the background, I believe this happened because I ran the command ./ --daemon according to the documentation. So I used the ./ command and then I ran the command to start ./ and everything worked.