Problem with Coin Exchange

I'm sure that I'm just missing something here. I'm using the Ardor Wallet v2.3.4 on a Linux system.

I have some Ignis and wish to trade it over to Ardor. I currently have 0 Ardor. I'm using the "Buy ARDR with IGNIS" function, but it gives me an error when I try to trade saying that I need 0.5 Ardor for the trade. It looks like it requires Ardor only to pay the fee. Isn't there a way too pay the fee with Ignis? Do I need some Ardor first before I can trade for Ardor? Am I stuck?


Hi, you are not missing anything. See here Ardor Frequently Asked Questions

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Yup. That handled it. Can't believe I missed the FAQ. :crazy_face: Thanks.