problem with account prefix

I am getting the following prefix at the login screen of my clone.
Even though I did not set the following three definitions in

public static final String COIN_SYMBOL = "omg";
public static final String ACCOUNT_PREFIX = "omg";
public static final String PROJECT_NAME = "omg";

However I receive this at the login as the account prefix before the RS string.

Does this have something to do with a package.json file?
I am not sure why this is displaying, I've cleared my browser cache.
Even if I do not add those three public Strings in the it is still happening. What on earth have I done to cause this?

Also these three strings where not in the that came with my download from the official repository that I recently downloaded. But, they WHERE in an older one I downloaded...

Now that I compiled with those three lines I am still receiving "undefined" in the gui rather than the prefix I stipulated in those three entries.

I don't see the image with the problem. Try to clear not only the browse cache but also the storage.