please need help urgent

welcome everybody
please need help urgent
I have a Next wallet and the balance is already showing, but I am unable to send the transaction to the platform
Every time I try to send a transaction from the wallet it asks for the platform's public key


You usually do not need to include the public key when doing a transaction, only if the recipient (the person receiving) requires it.

You can find a public key by looking at your account info in the client while logged in (using passphrase, not address) or entering this in browser while your nxt client is running
so in your case use
But as mentioned you probably do not need to enter the public key to make a transaction, only if the recipient requires it. You could send a test amount first if you are worried, like 2nxt.
If your account is new and you want to get a public key to increase security you can send 1nxt (+1nxt fee) to yourself

The passphrase is your passphrase that is used for nxt or Ardor, the set words you received when setting up the account.

From the jelurida page
"To find your account public key, simply login to your account using your passphrase (not using your NXT address). If the account is not registered on the blockchain yet, the public key will be displayed on the dashboard.

For registered accounts you can find the public key by clicking on the "Account Balance" tile from the dashboard."

Hope this helps

Hi Timmy
The problem is that the wallet, when sending a transaction, requests the recipient's public key, not my public address
I really appreciate your help, man

Can you ask the recipient what their public key is?

I would say the issue is that you are not using the current nxt client. Try downloading and using the latest nxt client from jelurida 1.12.2 here
This is a know issue when using outdated clients.

Good luck

@magdy make sure you have the latest nxt client as that can cause this issue.

You should be able to leave the recipients public key blank. Try sending 2 nxt.

The wallet will ask for the public key for those accounts that are not announced yet. You can check this FAQ entry for more information. It is for Ardor but the same idea applies for Nxt.

Anyway the address you posted on your original message is announced so make sure you are using the latest version of the wallet and wait until the full blockchain is synchronized, otherwise the wallet is not seeing the transactions from that account.