Passphrase issue

I acquired NXT back in 2013 and then promptly forgot about it. While doing some digital spring cleaning I came across an old crypto account book of mine and was reminded of my NXT. I downloaded the latest NXT client and located my old account, BUT the old passphrase is not recognized. Can anyone help me sort this out?

Someone should correct me if I am wrong but pretty sure all NXT accounts are also ARDOR accounts, so the passphrase should work, unless of course it was never for NXT or Ardor.

Has the format of passphrases changed over time? I see currently that they're a series of words, twelve to be exact. This is different from my old (2013) passphrase, which is an unbroken string of alphanumeric and special characters.

I notice that there has been changed at one point in time (very early in NXT time, maybe in 2014 or 2015), if i'm not mistaken and remember correctly, in my case one passphrase changed. The special character that cause problem between wallet version was the symbol %. I think the older wallet was cutting the the passphrase at the symbol %, so to access account in a newer wallet i needed to only put the part of the passphrase before the % symbol. If that help in your case, that is great, but this information could be completely unrelated to your issue.

Problem resolved. Thanks to those who weighed in.