nxt.properties on docker containers

I created a docker container for Ardor running the latest version.
I created the variables for password and the blockchain URL.

I have tried to figure out as much as i can using the docks but alot of the instructions seem incomplete to me or are counting on you knowing the system inside and out.

I need to edit the nxt.propertiess file in order to get the rewards. i sent the message and got the message back.

I use Rancher to deploy docker containers.
I created a volume for /conf however they are no files listed in that volume.

How do i find nxt.properties or should i just create my own ?


You can edit the nxt.properties through the Node Configuration screen - Login page -> Cogwheel on upper right -> Node Configuration


So i can enter the key i was sent for the rewards ?

Yes, you can enter the key that you received for the rewards. Don't forget to restart the node once you enter the mentioned nxt.myPlatform value.

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