nxt.properties for unit-tests

Hello all,

I am following your instructions under Lightweight Contracts to get IntelliJ IDEA running on Ubuntu.

However, starting the contractrunnersuite fails with 81 tests ignored and 1 failed. Looking through the output, I find this exception:

User home folder /home/mal/Ardor
Loading nxt-default.properties from classpath
Loading nxt-installer.properties from classpath
Loading nxt.properties from test/java/unit-tests-nxt.properties
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Error loading nxt.properties from test/java/unit-tests-nxt.properties
at nxt.Nxt.loadProperties(Nxt.java:174)
at nxt.Nxt.(Nxt.java:157)

I wonder where I should put a nxt.properties file, and what the content should be. Thanks for your help

It's a bug. To workaround it create a file named unit-tests-nxt.properties in the folder test/java under the Ardor project root folder and add to a single line of text starting with # or keep the file completely empty.
The ContractRunnerSuite should run now with a few failures and you can add your own unit tests.

Of course we will fix these problems for the next release.

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