NXT Node - error

I receive this return on my NXT node: error ":"Maximum number of inbound connections exceeded"

The problem with NXT node is that it doesn't kill the process, it keeps running, so I don't know if it's having a problem or if it's working.

Have you already exceeded 2000 inbound connections?

At this path you should find the number of connections:
Nxt / conf / nxt-default.properties

Line 93 - 94:

# Maximum number of inbound connections.
nxt.maxNumberOfInboundConnections = 2000

I suppose you have a node in operation for an economic return as well.
Is your node running via VPS or on your pc?
The problems could be various but the logic software does not stop the service but warns you that you have exceeded the connection limit and limits them by continuing to work.
Again by logic, you could try to raise the limit from 2000 to 2500 connections.

I hope that in the meantime it will help you by waiting for an opinion from a team member.

Could you please post the log file lines where this happens? My bet is this is an error message from a remote peer that your node is logging, but not an error thrown by your own node.