nxt-jelurida: Jelurida NXT, Here is your 150,000 NXT Rewads

I received below email.

Looks very suspicious to me, perhaps Jelurida should warn against it.

Dear Holders NXT,

As we work towards being a truly global service provider, we are pleased to inform you that to further support the growth of NXT Blockchain we agreed to distribute 15,000,000 NXT to the 100 loyal users in our community.

In order to be eligible, users must have a new trading volume of at least 15,000 NXT (Buys,Sells,Received) during the competition period.

Activity Period: 2021/03/20 1:00 PM - 2021/04/20 1:00 PM (UTC)

Claim your wallet to get 150,000 NXT here : http://bit.ly/claim150000nxt

Please note: When your claim is completed, 150,000 NXT will automatically be available on your dashboard.

Thanks to our great community for making this project's continued success possible.

Best Regards,
NXT Blockchain Team
Next Generation of Cryptocurrency

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This is a scam. An attempt to get your secret phrase. Please ignore it.

Correct. I got this type of email 3 times. The non-secured address http://nxt-jelurida.com/ is not legitimate. Beware!

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