NXT fees

Where can I find a list of NXT fees?
And when, for example, I send NXT from one account to another for the first time, is there an "activation" fee like it happens in Ardor?

Not sure if we have a list of Nxt fees, other than going through the nxtdocs for each API or in the code. But there is no additional "activation" fee when sending to a new account.

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That sounds good! I'm playing with thewiring.com and was considering the reward to be an asset on NXT. To differentiate it a bit more from ardor rocks. And the activation fee was always something puzzling me as new users might not want to activate a new account or go through the process of understanding why an account has to be activated. I could pay that extra fee with the first transaction (like I do with the bot on twitter), but I prefer not to. As the distributor of the asset for me it's easier to have people create a brand new account and there's no activation fee needed.
BTW, if you know on the top of your head how much an asset transfer transaction costs in NXT that would be nice otherwise I can test myself.

There used to be a list of fees for NXT here https://nxtwiki.org/wiki/Transaction_Fees ...but it seems that particular page got lost during the migration

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I actually found some old asset transfers from my NXT wallet in 2018. Then the fee was 1 NXT.
I think that was an old topic about too high fees.
Also with today's fee cost, if it's really 1 NXT (will test with the new NXT release) that's way higher than Ardor which I guess is 0.01 ardor.

nxt fees were always 1nxt for any transaction including assets and monetary system. More fees to create assets/monetary system.

There was talk about lowering the fee but there was concern about bloating the system with spam if it were too cheap. It should be easy enough to change, it's all about pricing it correct to make it cheap enough for transactions but high enough to avoid spam.

It would all be on the read only nxtforum.org forum.

Hope that helps. Better late than never :slight_smile:

edit (5 seconds later): there was something where you created the public key with your very first transaction from memory. It wasn't an activation cost, but it was recommended to do that first transaction before sending any substantial amount for 100% safety.