Nxt fees, smart contracts, PoS other currency.

As the title suggests, I would like to know if with Nxt it is possible to set up commissions and punch with another nxt / currency.

If so where should I start looking?

What do you mean by "comissions"? Could you explain how that will work?

NXT Domestic Currency Example: Feecoin
pay commissions with Feecoin
Distribution of Feecoin with Proof-of-Stake (PoS)

I do not understand your question.

I apologize for my bad English.
In NXT, commissions are paid in NXT, is it possible to pay them in another currency?

I believe you are talking about the fees? The cost of making a transaction on the NXT blockchain?
If so, then the answer is no. That is one of the reasons Ardor was born. The fees on each childchain can be paid in that chain's token

I understand, fees only in Nxt.
But I could run a smart contract to distribute a currency as a PoS right?

Nxt does not support the Lightweight contracts feature. That's only available on Ardor.

You can have a currency on top of Nxt based on PoW, take a look at the monetary system.

(edited mixed up PoS and PoW)

Are you referring to MintWorker.java?
If so I have already tried but, use cpu.
I would like to use the monetary quantity as a minting power.

There is no PoS type setup in the Monetary System, only a PoW type distribution

Yes, I have already experienced PoW with MintWorker.java and I don't want to.
Since plugin implementation exists in Nxt, could it be possible to implement a plugin by simulating PoS?

Sorry, @MrV is right, I mixed up PoS and PoW. There's no PoS on the Monetary System.