no reward for 2 days running node

i have 5 nodes, run 2 days ago. But i do not get any reward.

I checked my nodes at Peer Explorer and Peer Explorer => all of my nodes are online, API open, archival. But no reward.
i dont know what i have to do. please help me.
thank you

Did you follow the instructions to register your nodes and publish the proper token on the platform field?

The same problem here. I did set my token in file at variable nxt.myPlataform

It's been about 72 hours since I put my token in the config file and restarted my node.

Is your node showing up on the peer explorer with both the peer and API ports open, as well as the correct platform token?

Yes, this is my address IP

Are your servers both running Ardor and Nxt nodes?

Are you getting rewards on any of the networks?

Please make sure you are using the correct tokens for each IP and network, obtained from the proper contract (there's one for Ardor and another one for Nxt).

Same issue here! Right IP tokens, peer and API ports open, nodes accessible in Ardor peer explorer. No rewards for 2+ days

Probably not entirely related but we have a network issue (fiber optic down) affecting the nodes running the contracts so no rewards are sent for the last hours.

Also messages won't be answered by the contract so wait until it's resolved. I will post an update here as soon as the connection is up again.

I received my payments today, but yesterday I added the following variable to the configuration file: nxt.myAddress=my_public_ip

In addition to this variable, there are others in my configuration file that are reported below:


Hope this helps.

You usually don't need the nxt.myAddress setting unless you are behind NAT or some complex routing. Did you add it trying to solve something?

It was some tests to see if the reward arrived. But from what you said, this variable doesn't make sense in my case.