[Mirrored from Slack] About generating a paper wallet

From sebastien256

hi I try to generate a paper wallet, but can get to find the “remembered passphrase” option at login:
Generate a paper wallet
1. Login with remembered passphrase and open the account details dialog by clicking the upper left dashboard title, then click the “Create” button for the paper wallet.
How to login with remembered passphrase?

im on 2.3.2.

Thank you for your help.

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Select the “Passphrase” tab on the login page. There you can fill your passphrase and check the “Remember me” box.

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Hi Sergi,

Thanks, I tested this on the web and desktop wallet, but we can’t see the paper wallet option in the wallet after clicking “more info” on the first dashboard:

It works for me.

I’ve just checked on testardor.jelurida.com with a test account:

There’s something we are doing differently but I cannot tell what that is.

The problem happens when login using a remembered private key not a remembered passphrase. For example try to login on testnet with private key f0195e073a7951a1bc3823bed6af27667b4a6fb7007bf50d9400bc44b7dafe45


Indeed, I can reproduce the problem when using a private key instead of a passphrase.

We are working on it and it should be fixed on the next release.


Thank you guys, indeed I was using a private key derived from the seed.
Looking forward next release.

Hello again. Any idea or ETA as when next release will be available?
Thank you.

We are almost there. We planned for this week but a last minute bug delayed it a bit. You won’t have to wait long.

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Hi, Thank you. The paper wallet with QR code reading from camera are working wonderfully! Very useful feature.