max number of TX per block

Hi, my application needs to create a huge amount of singleton(NFT), even with no message attached and minimum bytes in the asset description, the maximum number of TXs I got is 215 TXs/block. I am running an NXT clone with 30s block time, which means 7.17 NFTs per second. Is there a good way to increase the number of NFT generated per second?

Is there a significant boost of TPS on Ardor compared to NXT/NXT-clone?



Modified my node configuration suggested in NXT load test(Nxt Blockchain - Loadtest Results | Jelurida), I was able to get 15000+ transactions per block. However, generating a large number of singletons in a short period of time caused my node to get blocklisted by other forging nodes.

{"cause":"nxt.NxtException$NxtIOException: MAximum size exceed: 1048614","error":"Your peer is blocklisted"}

You are trying this on you own network, not on the official nxt network, right? I mean the forging nodes are also with increased blocks size, right? Maybe send the log from the forgets, I don't know why they are blacklisting your node.