Lightweight contract and remote api

What is difference between lightweight_contracts and remote node api contract?

Remote node api can scan blocks, and send asset/money etc.

And also when use remote node api for contract, there is no need to run node on machine(computer).

Is there any advantage using contract-runner?

A remote node API is just an interface to interact with the blockchain.

The lightweight Contracts are Ardor's version of Smart Contracts

With Ardor you need to run the Lightweight Contract on a node, typically one you have access to with the Admin Passord

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I know run the Lightweight contract is a normal way.

But there is no problem with using remote api as lightweight contract and even this can be work without running ardor node. Or is there any problem with only using api for making dapp?

You can use a remote API, but if you are using it with a lightweight contract you will want to use a remote node that you own. What's to say that the remote node will stay up/in sync/updated otherwise? :wink:

Is there extra lightweight contract examples except documents?

Yes, there is a bunch in the Ardor download: