Ledger Nano X connection error to Ardor wallet

I successfully used my Ledger Nano X last week to create a new Ardor account in the Ardor desktop client for Windows. I managed to transfer my ARDOR coins to this account from my exchange account. Today, I tried to load this account in the client using the same device, but when I click on LOAD, the client displays the error message "Device disconnected or locked". My device is clearly connected and the Ardor app open and ready and I don't know what to do to access my Ardor assets.
Any help will be welcome.

This was an issue someone else had. I discovered:

Ledger creates a new address every time you go to send funds for certain coins and also a new change wallet when there is remaining credit from your transaction. Ethereum and some others keep the same address.

So it is possible you are using a new address rather than the initial one you created it with. IMO this is the issue as Ardor/nxt do not (cannot) change addresses, like other cryptos.

Your existing account should still be there and can be accessed with your passphrase, not sure what the fix is, maybe someone has one.

Edit: Just realised it's a different issue you are talking about. I found this. Hope it helps

This is a known issue that will be fixed in the next version. Meanwhile check this: