Is it possible that the ardorblokchain file nodes had more functionalities than pruning?

Is it possible that the ardorblokchain file nodes had more functionalities than pruning? Let's imagine that a file ardor node is also a file storage portal for ardor users who want to store their data in the cloud. Let's imagine that each stored file is archived with a 256 hash. Let's imagine that a link is generated to upload or download the file with the identifier of the hash. Let's imagine that the nodes that store the files charge fees as a kind of bundler, for example, at $ 5 per Tb per month.

Now let's imagine that the files are kept in a minimum of 3 ardor file nodes to give redundant security. This would be a way to create a decentralized repository of generic ardor user files.

bitswiftbro 8:27 PM

I think housing TB and TB of data on chain is not really feasible. Also $5 per TB is super cheap.

bitswiftbro 8:28 PM

or you saying data would be held off chain in new special file nodes?

tre 8:39 PM

replied to a thread:or you saying data would be held off chain in new special file nodes?


I think that igmaca is suggesting something like SIA where the data is stored off-chain (similar to most ARDOR/NXT data which in reality is stored off-chain as prunable data). The data would be hosted on several nodes that elected to host the data in exchange for a guaranteed IGNIS fee. There could be a reputation system. The node already has code for storing temporary data and this idea would be an extension, possibly to compliment other ARDOR data features, such as mrv777's webhosting idea.

igmaca 9:30 PM

@tre exact. @bitswiftbro Sia handles prices less than $ 4 per Tb although it remains to be seen if it is true or they do it to promote the network. In any case the nodes that support the pruning would have an economic incentive more, than perhaps over time it could grow in storage performance (edited)

bitswiftbro 9:57 PM

$4.00 per TB sounds super cheap. Market rate right now for MSP in Canada is around .05-.10 cents per GB. .. and that's for centralized storage.


I like the idea of File Storage nodes, and in general decentralized file storage systems, clearly they will be the future. I am just not sure how to build it.

igmaca 9:59 PM

612 TB Used 2471 TB Capacity 362 Hosts $4.18 Storage/TB $1.24 Bandwidth/TB

bitswiftbro 10:01 PM

a big hurdle for dfs will be compliance


as far as business data is concerned


for general consumer, looking for a dropbox type service, maybe its fine (and very cost effective)

igmaca 10:02 PM

I would not complicate so much in the smart contracts of the sia network between tenants and hosts. I would start with a contract similar to forging or bundlers as an incentive in a basic way, and prove that it goes.

igmaca 10:15 PM

If you divide the TB by the hosts, it turns out that each sia host has a storage capacity of almost 7 TB. today a Nas with 8 Tb can be below € 1,000. If you multiply € 4 x 8Tbx 12 months = € 384. You get the investment back in 2.6 years by doing gross numbers.

igmaca 9:12 PM

With the technology behind the bundlers and the pruning system I think implementing the solution could be relatively easy. It is not necessary in a first phase to sophisticate the solution as much as #sia does, but it would be a first step. ArCloud decentralized storage :grinning:

Zubin 3:19 AM

I know some tutors who could be interested in posting their course curriculum on dfs, if it turns out cheaper than paying yearly for their own storage thru their web-hosting. Would dfs be more competitive price wise? Indian engineering syllabus has truckloads of mock tests, coursework etc and with COVID, everything is now online.

I really like this sia app or Skapp. It is in beta phase and you can try. for now it's free. plans to launch rates soon.

bitswiftbro 8:31 PM

I think this NFT app that is brewing in the community here could be the segue to dfs on ardor.


lets see what happens.

Prior to this it's as if all thoughts were limited to 42kb as far as data storage on chain goes. :wink:

tre 13 hours ago

The 42kb+ data is not being stored on-chain and archival nodes are no obliged to permanently store the data. At this moment some data is missing from all nodes including the archival nodes.

bitswiftbro 13 hours ago

^yea I realize that, but prior to this whoe nft scene there was no mechanism to easily store regular data (images , audio) on chain above the 42k limit, and have it output back in one piece.

so now we have that sorted out

perhaps that method can act as a sort of cache for these "file nodes" which you are thinking of...just thinking out loud.