i'm stupid

Hi, i did the one thing you shouldn't do, i send IGNIS coins to my poloniex ARDR wallet. Poloniex tells me they can't retreive it because they don't support the IGNIS coin. I'm i screwed? Or is there a possibility to get it back?

The passphrase to access the IGNIS or ARDR are the same. So in theory, Poloniex has access to your coins. If the amount of coins is significant, you could let them know that you would be willing to share part of the stash with them to recover the IGNIS and see their response.

Obviously, this would require human intervention and passphrase manipulation that may be not allowed by Poloniex internal policy. In the end, it is possible that they would not want to recover the coins for security reasons.

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Hi @sebastien256 , thanks! I can always try.

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