IGNIS to ARDR exchange via ChildToParentExchange contract

Hello, I tried to exchange my IGNIS as described in the faq: Ardor Frequently Asked Questions

The IGNIS are sent to the alias IgnisToArdor, but I never receive the ARDR.

Is there any chance to get them?

Sorry about that, please provide your account id and specify if you like us to return your Ignis or send you the Ardor.
In parallel we will check if the instructions are up to date and if the contract is operational.

Thanks, my account ID ARDOR-URWB-6VEV-C8AJ-BHDAR Ignis would be nice.

i have ignis for a long time, i want ignis for ardor to sell at binance, but i can't, "chain of blocks has not been unloaded" what does it mean and when will i finally be able to sell my ignis in some way? thank

You can find here (Ardor Explorers and Exchanges | Jelurida) a list of exchanges you can check to sell your Ignis.