I start to create my own cryptocurrency and start forging what's next ?

Hi Everyone,

I start to create my own cryptocurrency and start forging what's next ?

I cannot connect to my blockchain : no peers found.
The higth block is around 36000.
And my question is when can I take the next step ?

Thanks for any help.

I assume you are using a copy of Nxt.
Have you set up peers?

Path: nxt-clone \ conf \ nxt-default.properties

On line n70:
nxt.defaultPeers =

nxt.defaultPeers =;;

The peers are not by chance, they must be the peers of the PCs you intend to connect.
You could also have a look here: nxt / conf / nxt-default.proprierties on line 71.

I already done this but it still shows "no peers found", now I've tried to do it manually too but no changes.
Maybe I have to stop forging and restart it again.

Maybe try restarting.
Then you should have at least 2 connected nodes.
If you only use one node you shouldn't see peers but the blockchain will go on anyway.

I restart only from my new cryptocurrency folder sh ./run.sh and the peers appeared slowly, restart the forging too, it's working well but I'v got messages like :

Cannot load blocks after genesis block 7934170634026783007 from peer nxt.jelurida.com, perhaps using different Genesis block

I think it is probably that forging is not finished.

Now I am not an experienced programmer.
I'm learning too.
When something doesn't work I always do this:
Delete temporary files from pc
Delete nxt_db
If I also use the web version, I delete the cache of the last 24 hours

If the problem persists, look elsewhere.

I think I need to create my own peers as explained here


Step 4 - Host your nodes in some servers
Once your cryptocurrency ready for deployement, you need to host some nodes online. These nodes will share the transactions with other nodes, validates transactions, and forge blocks. You can do that in any virtual machine, you can use for example Amazon Web Services, or OVH. Once you have your virtual machine. Here is how to do:

Connect to the machine, I recommend Ubuntu or Debian
Clone your cryptocurrency

I have never been able to use that.
I have done this several times:
The zip file is platform independent works for windows and ubuntu.

Obviously make the necessary settings

I also recommend that you watch this video: How to Build a Blockchain: The Genesis Block - YouTube

Did you try changing the default peers in the nxt properties files to your fork's other core peers?

Not yet, the problem is to find the right peers, I think I have to create some myself, in connection with the new genesis block.

Now my question is:
Do you know what they are and where to get peers?

I followed the video of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ww5IZZB0WY
I would have done better to see this video that you suggested to me, why the procedures are different?
it makes me angry to learn about methods that lead to failure !

The method presented by you should be external, the one presented by me should be original, if we want to describe it that way.

Remember the road to failure is actually one step closer to success.

Not really, but I think I must clone my cryptocurrency to another server and configure in that way.
The tutorials present different methods which tends to confuse me.
Here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2R26FwvS0dE&t=1s the connection is already running.

Actually, the JPL license, configuration and startup was done here.
It works but it is offline.
2 PCs starting the same chain are already an active network

I will try it, if that doesn't work I will redo the procedure according to the tutorial you gave me.
I am disappointed that they are so sketchy

Yes, you need to startup your own peers. You started a new blockchain, there is no one else running your software yet :wink:

Yes, I already have three custom peers who synchronize the blockchain in addition to one who is forging, but I am in a hurry to know if this will succeed, because I do not see anything on Monatary system yet: no currencies available. :roll_eyes:

In nxt.property have you entered your addresses?

You mean main wallet adresses ? No, and what is the name of this parameter ?