I must applause the creator but have a "no-serious" questin

excause some drunken rants from me but take me with some pittance of salt.
Mr Yuri Waffe or wahateger your name, I take my hat off to you as a great man with a sensible and pargmatic attitude to the context of blockchaining.

I have some qustions and have not sufficientlyu read through the documentation.
a:) Creating my own nuber of coins, not 1 billion.
b:) The prefix is to be different from NXT, like HEX, or DOG, MEO, SYS, anything. Where can I change this in the parameters? I have not had time to look at it as I am quite busy on high level complications but need to take some attention obviously.

I hiope that someone will take me as a protege in guiding my basic questions so that my blockchain endeavour becomes a success, and not some pump and jump / dump joke. I am quite serious about establishing a further trajectory which existed prior to thinking of using blockchain to fund these activities It may facilitate economic growth and in that regard and sense of responsibility I hope to receive support from you.

Of course you shall receive your 10 % remuneration but must inform me how to remove the NXT from my own blockchain so it can at least have some semblance of authenticity: for example when a mother has a child she does not demand all her childen or grandchildren be named afte her, but give them unique and inspiring names.

sorry about my drunk email. but any advice on where to change the NXT in the adrress line of each wallet will greatly help me save some time thank you for a great team.

The NXT- prefix is just a some text before the reed-solomon encoded account id. There's no single place to change it, just some functions and methods that use. Changing it should be pretty safe.

Just look for the prefix in the code (both Java and JavaScript).