I have my XYZ blockchain - what next

How to create peer nodes based on an NXT clone?
Detailed documentation for clone nxt?

Here is the jelurida page about nxt clones which includes a link to overview on bitbucket. I'm sure some other people here can give you more technical infomation if needed.

I know the page you gave me but there are no solutions.
I have a blockchain clone made. now I would like to run peer nodes but I do not know how because it gets errors and I know that it is related to the java version openJDK 1.8.0_282

I'm sure someone can help. They will probably ask for you to post your logs from when it gets errors to help diagnose the issue.

There could also be an answer in nxt/ardor forums, but they are just read only

We do not provide free support about clones.

Jelurida assists with nxt clones for a fee as they are a commercial interest developing nxt/ardor rather than the open source community of nxt.

There are also some guidelines to follow under the public license of nxt when making a clone.

I remember there were some issues with finding peers with nxt so search the nxtforum and I'm sure you will find many answers. Otherwise, you could use the Jelurida paid services. There was also nxter.org with some information on nxt from back in the day

I'm not sure if still possible, but you could also create an asset or monetary system coin on Ardor. Can someone confirm if this is still possible please?

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Yes, of course. If you just want to create a new coin or asset I would suggest to do on the Ignis public blockchain. It's way easier than deploying your own blockchain.

Did you read this? Bitbucket

How have you got on so far? I'm studying all this before I even download anything and start a blockchain... I think you should have done the same.