How to transfer Ardor

Hello everyone, I got a question: how can I transfer/send my Ardor coins out of the Ardor wallet to an exchange? Thank you so much in advance :slight_smile:

The exact details depend on which exchange you choose. They should provide you with instructions. Usually it should be as easy as sending your funds to a specific address and perhaps adding some code as an attached message.

There is a web based wallet available which is read only that you can NOT send from so the send button is missing.

All other wallets should have 'Send Ardor' in the middle at the top of your wallet (move to child chain to send child chain tokens).

As Sergi said, depends on the exchange so you should search their website or ask support for Bittrex requires a message to send Ardor as they only use 1 address(I believe you get the message from Bittrex that relates to your bittrex account)

You would go to your exchange wallet, click receive and copy address, then go to your ardor client and send

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