How to read my non-prunable messages?

If I check the api documentation I can find the api call getPrunableMessages to fetch all my messages.
But what is the api call to fetch all the non-prunable messages send by or to me?

I think you can only read them one by one using the readMessage API.
So first find the transaction full hash for all your message transactions them read them one by one.

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ah, ok! I'll try that. Thx

Hello Lior and others. For security reasons, I need to be able to read my encrypted messages offline only. Is that possible now, and can someone point me in the right direction. Thanks Lior and everyone for the work you are doing.

What do you mean exactly by offline here? Just disconnected from the Internet or an air gaped computer?

Keep in mind the wallet (UI) doesn't send your private key to the server and the decryption is done client side.

If you just want to make sure you can disconnect from the internet and do the decryption. As long as the node has downloaded the blockchain you will be able to decrypt the messages.

For an air gaped scenario things are a little harder. The wallet UI doesn't have a "manual encryption" feature that I'm aware off. I can think of two options:

  1. Copy a recent version of the blockchain database to the offline computer and start a local node. As said above you don't need a connection just to start the node and decrypt the message. Connect with your account as usual and just decrypt the messages using your secret.

  2. (advanced) Use the HTTP API to manually decrypt the message. Open the URL (http://localhost:27876/test?requestType=decryptFrom) and fill the fields. Account is the other account, not yours. For data and nonce you need to enter hex strings as found on the original encrypt transaction details. Enter your secret phrase or private key and submit it.

Thanks for the response. I am talking about an air gap computer. I do not want my private keys touching an online computer. It is not the UI that I am worried about.

Scenario 1 looks like a solution, I will try it with a full blockchain database.

I will have to figure out how to safely encode the data later.

Thanks again, that is what I needed.

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Worked great - Thanks

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