How to get more than one billion tokens


I would like to know how i can create more than a billion tokens. My goal is to create 21 billion tokens.
when in the source code can i change the parameters to enable me do this.

Thank you in advance.

I'm guessing you are referring on a clone of Nxt as you mention editing the source code. Then you just need to define the proper amounts for the initial accounts as explained here: Bitbucket

If you just want to create some asset (or new token) easily please take a look at assets or the monetary system both built on top of the public Ignis blockchain. This will allow you to create the tokens on an existing public blockchain without having to deal with code or deploying an infrastructure.

Thank you for your response. I want to follow the example given on the bitbucket the only diffrent thing i want is to have 21,000,000,000 total token instead of a billion

The example there shows how to initialize the blockchain with 1000M tokens with 100M (10%) for the airdrop and 3 accounts holding each one 300M.

For a total of 21M you should reserve 2.1M for the airdrop leaving 18.9M to distribute on new accounts. Following the same pattern as the example you could initialize 3 accounts with 6.3M tokens each.

I have i get this error Total balance 2099999999999954595 exceeds maximum allowed 100000000000000000

Isn't that 21000M ? I think you got three digits more than needed.