How to find assetID from issueAsset tx

When I issue an asset via API, I do know the fullHash of that tx.
But in my program, how can I find the assetID generated by that tx? Which API call to find that?

for my case I could use the searchAsset API call and search for the name I assigned to it.
Not sure if that's the right way, but it works for me. :slight_smile:

try Utils -> fullHashToId

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oh! that's awesome!
Thank you!

BTW, what happens to that call when the transaction is not yet confirmed? No result?

The ID is the first 64 bits of the fullHash. fullHashToId only does that conversion. If the transaction is not yet confirmed, it will return ID of asset which does not yet exist. If the transaction is successfully applied, this will be the ID of the asset and nothing else.

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