how to bind Nxt generator to external IP address?

I am not succeeding in simply using my IP address in this format,, so that the UI is not displaying in the browser ("connection refused") however the blockchain is downloading. How am I able to bind the generator to the external IP address of my server, rather than the local class, localhost? Can I set listen and serve somewhere? the port 7876 is open to outside traffic. File permissions are ok. I am not sure why it won't display. It is obviously a contextual problem, I have all the correct dependencies installed...

The software only listens on localhost for the API / web interface by default. If you want to listen to all interfaces you need a couple of configuration lines:


Maybe this tutorial will help: Set up a public node on a VPS

Hello. I did the same as you said, it didn't work. Via Ubuntu 18.04. Then I changed the loccalhost ip number to my own server signature number. The opening screen comes up. The Ardor script keeps spinning. I can't get to the login screen.

Have you tried a reverse proxy?

I use a reverse proxy on my setup.

I'm running NXT, and it works pretty well.

Can you share your configuration and log file?

thank you . the problem:

nxt.apiServerHost =

nxt.allowedBotHosts = *

nxt.maxPrunableLifetime = -1

nxt.includeExpiredPrunable = true

Hosts from which to allow http / json API requests, if enabled. Set to * to

allow all. Can also specify networks in CIDR notation, e.g.

nxt.allowedBotHosts = ; localhost; [0: 0: 0: 0: 0: 0: 0: 1];
instead of (
) here is to write my own ip address.
When I type (*) it improved.
I can login right now.
Dear official, I will have one more question for you:
How can I add Turkish language support from the code system?
good work.

Turkish is not currently supported. Adding a new language would require to translate the strings file and add it to the codebase.