How to Actually Execute the 10% AirDrop

Hi Everyone,

I've setup my crypto currency, and have been playing with the setup for the last couple of months.

I have a really stupid question, and maybe I haven't seen it in the documentation.

How do you actually execute the AirDrop?

I've done all of the other steps to allocate the 10% to NXT holders, and it's reflected in the currency available.

What command, button, or procedure needs to be done to execute the airdrop?


Are you talking about the JPL?
If so, you have already done everything, once the blockchain is started, 10% will be automatically redistributed to the same addresses.

Nxt holders will be able to access 10% using their login details in your blockchain copy.

Check it out: Bitbucket
Scroll down and read the explanation.

Video: How to Build a Blockchain: The Genesis Block - YouTube

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