How do I convert an ARDR asset to real tokens?

How do I convert an ARDR asset to real tokens?

Could you please elaborate what you mean by "ARDR asset" and "real tokens"?

Hi, I continue this .....

In the NXT wallet is Assets > My Assets
and there 2 items:

For them are 2 actions: Transfer and Delete shares.

When Transfer ARDR, a window is opened.
Recipient address starts with "NXT".
If that is changed, then is shown a warning: address is malformed.

It looks like the assets can be transferred only to addresses starting with NXT- ...
but eg. Exchange offers address ARDOR-N7...
so to the Exchange the assets cant be sent from this wallet.

Are those old assets now useless?

or should the asset be sent to Exchange's NXT-address??


If they are assets you would need to exchange them for nxt/ardor then send to an exchange that accepts it. Check coinmarketcap markets for the coin.

If you have nxt in your nxt wallet, try getting the Ardor wallet from Jelurida and use the same login. You might have Ardor and Ignis tokens from when the change happened.

To sell your assets in either, there should be an option to trade on the distributed marketplace, or you could try on this forum. It would cost you the nxt/ardor fee to make the sale which I think is 1 and 0.01 respectively.

more information would \be good to further understand your situation.

Hope this helps...

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with this procedure I managed to send ARDR to Exchange.

install ardor-client-2.3.3.exe

C:\Program Files\Ardor> run
=> Windows Admin -note
=> starts "ARDOR-app-browser" http://localhost:27876/index.html

  •   Log in with the NXT-address  (ARDOR- and same letters as in NXT)
      => it is possible to Send ARDR