Hitbtc to bittrex nxt transaction (without msg ) problem (Urgent)

Hey everyone ,

I tried nxt coin send from hitbtc ( without msg) to bittrex address but 1 days past there is not deposit on my bittrex address . Because there is not msg information on hitbtc . I opened ticket both bittrex and hitbtc . How can I reverse my coin back ? I have transaction id , date , quantity etc , every information about that . Could anyone help me to fix that problem ?

My bittrex address is NXT-97H4-KRWL-A53G-7GVRG
Nxt transaction id

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(I'm re-posting this message because I answered to your first one I found on another topic. Please do not cross-post).

Apart from what you already did (contacting both exchanges) I can't think of anything else you can do.

I am sorry for that but i lost 144k nxt coin . That is really huge price for me :frowning: . İs there any solution to follow my transaction not to lose ?

I read on some topic here , there was a solution to fix 15 dolar to take back your coin ? İs it real ?

You cannot rollback a transaction, that's one of the key points of blockchain technology.

My advice is to contact both exchanges, explain the situation with as many details as possible, and be patient.

Thank you for advices

That is an issue with the exchange not nxt.

I found this page on zendesk about deposit recovery for bittrex
which leads to a submit form here

There could be a recovery fee, but $15 sounds ok. The article says $1000 for crosschain deposit recovery.
After a week or two if you have heard nothing you could start posting to social media like twitter to expediate their response

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Thank you timmy , you are perfect supporter :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: ı wıll do

You're welcome. Post back with your success story. Good luck.