Help with an old scam

Hi everybody, first of all sorry for my bad English..
Probably there is no solution to my problem, but i'll try.. During the ardor ico, was possible to buy Jelurida token, but (shame on me) i was scammed because i bought Jlrda in the exchange section of my wallet instead the dedicated one. I heard that lior yaffe was able to recover some found before the snapshot and return to the legitimate owners.
I belive in this project so much, and i rebuy a lot of ardr, and run a nxt node and a ardr node in a raspberry 24/7.
I have the everithing to access my old nxt scammed wallet with a lot of jlrda fake token...
Thank you!

Dear Mjrko,

Thank you for your message.
Indeed we got your previous ticket about the fake tokens you purchased. During the ICO, clear information was disseminated on how to participate and ALL that followed such were rewarded with their Ignis with no exception.

However, with some great efforts in close collaboration with the exchanges we were able to retrieve SOME of the funds from the scammers before they were sold and paid it all out to the then available list of scammed accounts with evidence. We were not able to retrieve all.

We regret to inform you that giving all the information above, there is nothing we can do to assist any further at this point. The identity of these culprits remain unknown, the funds collected have been exchanged and traded long ago and the traces exist only on the blockchain explorer as previous confirmed transactions.

Best regards,

Jelurida Support Team

Thank you very much for your interest and your time!

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