Height parameters in getAssetProperties api

GetAssetAccount api can apply height option to retrieve the asset history at different time.
But there is no height option in getAssetProperties . Is there another way?

Sorry, I cannot think of an easy way to do that. One option is to modify the code and call

assetPropertyTable.getManyBy(getPropertiesClause(assetId, setterId, property), height, firstIndex, lastIndex)

instead of

assetPropertyTable.getManyBy(getPropertiesClause(assetId, setterId, property), firstIndex, lastIndex);

in Asset.getProperties.

You could also develop an AddOn which executes a custom SQL query to get the properties with height less than requested.

Or if it's about getting the results only once you can popOff to the desired height and then call getAssetProperties

I mean remote api.
If i have to change the code, can you tell me the file path?

there is no API which you can use currently. It's not a single file you will need to change

You mean it is complicated for apply height option?

no, not very complicated. But you need to know Java