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hello there,i have a question guys
as a holder of nxt from 2016 i have got a couple of ignis @ my ardor wallet after the birth of the new blockchain that went smooth but now when i open the wallet there must b also some gps tokens there after their airdrop but i see zero why i didnt got them in the wallet????? jelurida must push them to send them in the wallet and not to get first their app and do the stuff on it to gett the tokens unlocked.the app isnt working good only moving about is working ok i must get to level 5 ,those other 2 sections beacon hunting&power up do not work on those i must also get to level 5 to unlock those tokens that i have made .do i missing some pieces of this mystery guys pls help
thanks nexters✌

Level 5 and everything has to do with the triffic app run by triffic, not Jelurida. You have to contact triffic for help with their app and what all the levels mean

sure but they are using ardor blockchain so airdrop tokens must b deposit on ignis holders wallets direct instead all the hassle i am taking to get what is our right the snapshot has been taken they know wich wallets are in whythey are holding back those tokens🤔
but anyway thanks for your reply mate

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Hi, thanks for your question. In order to claim your GPS Tokens, you need to reach level 5 for Moving About, Beacon Collecting and Power-Ups.

We released the power-up functionality this week, so there should be no issue there now.

Not sure which other part you are having difficulty with, but maybe your phone is not compatible with AR? If this is the case, you will need to either upgrade your phone, or wait for us to bring out a fix for older devices.

Not sure why you are claiming that your GPS Tokens need to be sent to your wallet without you using the app though. The airdrop is supposed to encourage people to use the app, and therefore giving tokens to random people who have no intention of using the app is incredibly self-defeating, as most of these people would simply sell them and crash the price.

I’m also not sure why you are claiming that it is Jelurida’s responsibility to send your tokens - this responsibility rests entirely with us at Triffic.

I hope that explains things for you.

aha sir this explains a lot your are absolute right i am using a older smart phone samsung j6 so thats why 2 of the functions are not working hope you guys give it a speed up for older phones to be compatible with your app.i thought all airdrops of tokens for ignis holder are dropt right in their wallet because that was rule no 1 for childchains using the ardor/nxt blockchain,but anyway i am very happy that you have cleard my are also right that token price will crash if cashed out by many greedy people direct deposit of tokens on wallet without any use of the app.
thanks mate a very good explaination
thank u for your time​:+1::+1::+1:

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Hello again, thanks for understanding. We are actually releasing version 2 of Triffic in Q1 of 2021, which features an entirely new - and much more beautiful interface, plus lots of under the bonnet changes too.

If you would like to be kept informed, please join our Slack community by visiting and we can update you better,

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It's actually not the rule. The rule is forks must airdrop to ignis holders. Childchains don't have to airdrop anything, they can just choose to if they want

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