gps token app 2.0??

just tried to get gps 2.0 on my phone ,went from orginal gps site there,first got rid off the old gps 1.7.3v from my phone,installed the one on play opend it dammm stil the same 1.7.3v came up and for the second time it has stolen about 20gps tokens from me before unistall had 224gps now after sign in see i got 20gps less,every time it steals tokens from damm it getting real angry gps dev team see why this is real big bug app???? my gps wallet is trf-ewupsn8bnpc
hope for a solution and want my 40 coinz back pls :frowning:


  • V2 is still in Beta. You can sign in for Beta in your Playstore account. Then you must see V2.
    Furthermore about your “Lost tokens”: All claimed Triffic Miles are stored serverwise. Losing tokens is therefore impossible.

aha get it sir playstore a/c,losing token is stil my case sir when ever i delete the app and make a re-install again then i loose tokens its not a joke sir why it happens??? god knows
thanks for you repky👍

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