get ignis out to regular exchange (like bittrex)


in 2018 i got some ignis and an ignis account on the server. I barely understood what i was doing. But i can see after downloading the wallet from the site that i have 97.98 ignis there on the account. I want to sell it on an exchange like bittrex but i have no clue how to do that.
can someone please help how do i get my 97,98 ignis out of here and onto bittrex?


So there is the nxt wallet and ardor wallet, the ardor wallet uses Ignis.

I would assume, like any other coin, on the exchange after login go to the Ignis coin on your balances/fiat or something like that and then click receive/deposit coin and you will be given an address that you can send your Ignis to. Copy this address, then login to your ardor account, click on the Ignis child chain (top right area of wallet) then click send Ignis (Top about middle of wallet) paste the address from before and presto, like magic.

You will need to enter fee amount, there is a calculate button to do it automatically. It should only be something small, maybe 1 or 2 to send max.

Sometimes you might get a warning about about a new wallet and something about a public key. You can send with leaving the public key box blank, but apparently adds security if you add it. If you are worried you could send a small amount first like 1 Ignis, and after it goes through send the rest.

Did you buy the Ignis or did you have nxt and receive Ignis? If you had nxt you might have nxt in the nxt client and ardor and ignis in your ardor client/wallet.

Good luck and post your success or more questions as required

hi TimmyTendies!

thanks so much for replying! I had found the send ignis button and then got this popup where you have to fill in the recipient, but it already starts with IGNIS- and i thought that was something specific for the client /server /thing/ wallet . but now i see on bittrex it is also created as IGNIS-... or ARDR-... ahhhh my bad! and my stupidity :-). I thought i needed to enter a 18 char. key. but it is also like this (ardr-) on bittrex of course. i now understand :-0

thanks! i'm sure it will work out now



Yeah the part that goes after nxt/Ardor/Ignis is the same for each and the passphrase will also be the same for the nxt and ardor wallets for the same address endings (the Ignis wallet is the Ardor wallet, there is no Ignis wallet). Can be a little confusing at first but it is actually pretty easy. I think it is just a different set up to most other crypto that makes people confused.

There are also some cloned nxt which would also have the same address except the first part changing and the same passphrase. All cloned coins distribute 10% of distribution to nxt holders as of the snapshot date specified by clone creators.

There is a way to access the new cloned airdrop coins without giving out your passphrase. Check out this article at nxter, click here.

Good luck

well o my lord that article is no joke. i have so little ignis i don't assume i have received a lot of cash in these airdrops. It is definately all too complicated. but thanks for the info. Maybe i will try somethin again someday haha. i now stranded during the api haha.
but the ignis i send to bittrex has arrived savely, so thanks!

That article to get your airdrop coins without using your passphrase does look very complicated but I haven't tried yet. Will post about it when I do.

Yeah for less than 100 Ignis probably not worth the effort, at least until one of the clone nxt moons :slight_smile: and there is a chance you got your Ignis after the snapshot so miss out on the airdrop. It looks like they are using the same snapshot as ardor but other coins could choose an different date in the future.

You could use the online wallet (but 3rd party) which would probably use the same passphrase. Seems it is only a small amount it should be pretty safe to try.

The fact you have emptied your wallet, you could just use your passphrase to check on the clone coins and then get a new nxt/ardor passphrase (new account) seems your old one is at 0. The clone coin wallets should be safe to use, but as always in crypto do your research before using anything

Hey, Bittrex have also invested in security and as evidenced by their exhaustive verification process. While the site is designed to be beginner-friendly, it has various elements that make it attractive for all kinds of crypto traders.

Thus If you are looking for a cryptocurrency exchange that places a strong emphasis on security, then Bittrex is the exchange to go for.
Good day !

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I know this is an old message, but Bitrex is centralized and will always be more exposed than the decentralized dex.